The Passejades

They are an artistic project born in the summer of 2014, driven by a team of people from the village with the full support of the Town Hall of Sant Pere Pescador. After celebrating 5 successful editions we have extended the format and the objectives.

The Passejades are open to all types of artistic casts and individuals: theatre, dance, circus groups; schools and academies that want to present student works; singer-songwriters, puppeteers, monologues...



The Passejades consists of a theatrical spectacle of 4 scenes located in different spaces throughout the village. The maximum duration of each scene is 15 minutes and the audience moves on foot from one scene to another. Every 20 minutes a group of 20 people begins the circuit. Performances last from 9 p.m. to midnight, on each of the 8 Mondays ranging from mid-July to early September.

Micro-theatre is an artistic format born during the most severe years of the last economic recession in Catalonia and Spain. In a decade it has consolidated itself as a true theatrical genre and its popularity continues to grow. The birth of a festival of these characteristics is a pioneering feat aiming to further enrich a municipality with an indisputable established theatrical tradition.


The team

ART & PRODUCTION TEAM: Anna Arnay, Susanna Bosch, Xavier Valentí.

ACTORS & COLLABORATORS: Miquel Pla, Silvana Llopart, Maddy Ward, Miquel Àngel Armijo, Amenata Kajakeh, Lucas Rodríguez, Carlus Vergés, Cristina Bota, Dolfo Piedra, Josep Espigulé, Miquel Font, Agnès Fort, Josep Mª Barceló, Isabel Saubí, Roger Poch, Aitana Poch, Tat Ávila.


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Microtheatre Summer Festival

Gaudeix d'una programació diferent cada setmana.